2023-09-19 08:56

Incheon International Airport, Mutual Growth through Win-Win Cooperation

In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of the logistics sector, characterized by an increase in the value addition of logistics, the integration of advanced systems, and the proliferation of borderless e-commerce, Incheon International Airport is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing logistics services. Its core value is customer satisfaction, fostering trust through a myriad of initiatives that focus on symbiotic growth with clients.
Currently, the Incheon International Airport’s Free Trade Zone encompasses an airport logistics complex and cargo terminal area, promising a more competitive environment to customers through streamlined customs procedures, duty-free benefits, and a variety of incentives.
Tenants can enjoy the freedom associated with manufacturing, logistics, and trade activities, complemented by benefits such as affordable rental rates and deferred customs duties. The logistics complex and the cargo terminal area within the Free Trade Zone are directly connected, facilitating seamless exchanges without the need for separate transportation procedures. This connection supports value-added logistics activities through mechanisms like straightforward processing, assembly, and use consumption declaration, thereby actively adapting to the global business environment.
Currently, the cargo terminal houses eight cargo buildings, three air cargo warehouses, four special-purpose processing facilities, and two customs bonded areas, collectively forming a significant logistics hub.
Simultaneously, Incheon International Airport is advancing towards the development of future-oriented cargo terminals and autonomous cargo towing technologies. These innovations aim to elevate the efficiency and streamline the operations further. Through these developments, the airport plans to upgrade the caliber of logistics services provided to its customers significantly.
Incheon International Airport plans to spearhead the global aviation logistics technology sector by adopting new technologies such as AI and robotics. These technologies aim to minimize the costs and time involved in cargo operations, boosting productivity substantially. Furthermore, the airport is in the process of establishing new ground operation protocols and promoting the digital transformation of the air cargo industry, to position itself as a leader in the sector.
Moreover, Incheon International Airport is committed to expanding transportation options to enhance customer convenience. Plans are underway to support new transportation means, including buses, to supplement the existing transportation facilities, ensuring easy and efficient access to the logistics complex for clients.
Incheon International Airport is ramping up efforts to enhance the marketing activities of its client companies. An initiative in this direction was the ‘Joint Information Session to Boost Air Cargo Volume in the Vietnam Region’ organized in collaboration with Jeju Air. The session, which took place over two days from May 31st to June 1st, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, targeted local logistics personnel and aimed to foster an increase in air freight traffic in the region.

This event was strategically planned as a part of the ongoing ‘Air Cargo Incentive Program’, spearheaded by Incheon International Airport to amplify air cargo traffic volumes. Spanning two days, the event attracted a significant response, with about 61 companies from the Vietnamese forwarding and logistics sectors, and approximately 150 representatives in attendance.

Building on the success of this event, Incheon International Airport plans to hold a joint briefing with FedEx later this year, in addition to rolling out online marketing campaigns with China Airlines and UPS. Looking ahead, the airport intends to expand its collaborative marketing efforts, fostering continuous dialogue and partnerships with a broader spectrum of clients. 

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    A Sukai 10/02 10/05 Chung Tong Shipping

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    Msc Rikku 09/25 10/20 ZIM KOREA LTD.
    Cma Cgm Tuticorin 09/30 10/23 CMA CGM Korea
    Northern Javelin 10/02 10/27 ZIM KOREA LTD.

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