2021-02-16 08:53

CMA CGM Supports American Customers with Increased Capacity in the U.S.

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, announces today several initiatives it has implemented to meet the needs of its customers and make the shipping and logistics supply chain as seamless as possible, despite an exceptionally strong demand, particularly in the U.S. Over the past six months, demand for goods transportation has bounced back sharply from the contraction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2020.
As a customer-centric Group, CMA CGM has increased capacity in the U.S. by 39% between the first and second half of 2020. To demonstrate its agile approach and ongoing commitment to customers, the Group announced details of the continued ramp-up, which include: 25 extra loaders operating on routes between Asia and the U.S. providing over 114,500 TEUs in total capacity, from May to December 2020; 13 vessel-size increases; and A new direct service called the Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) service with first call in Oakland on February 12. Effective immediately, CMA CGM’s GGB service (previously SEAPRIORITY EXPRESS) will first call at the Port of Oakland on its route from Shanghai and Yantian, China. It will remove the Port of Los Angeles from the current route and enhance service by providing customers with an innovative and creative fast-transit alternative that enables them to avoid congestion.
Oakland is an ideal, reliable alternative to the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach for West Coast customers importing goods due to its easy access for existing California shippers, immediate berth availability and fast rail connections into Chicago, Memphis, Dallas and Kansas City. The expanded service will also include Seattle, allowing for new capacity to Pacific Northwest customers. The CMA CGM Group continues to work closely with U.S. ports and other partners to actively develop and implement solutions to make the shipping and logistics supply chain seamless.
The CMA CGM Group has taken several measures to speed up the return of empty containers to Asia and to cut delays at the ports it serves in the U.S., Asia and Europe. In the U.S., CMA CGM has doubled the number of dedicated chassis in Southern California, broadened the base of truck providers to get containers in and out of the terminals more quickly, worked with rail partners to bring additional rail cars through Southern California and split calls between ports to increase velocity at berth. Globally, the Group has also created agile service solutions for customers in order to redistribute freight to ports less impacted by the congestion. During the second half of 2020, CMA CGM has increased the size of its container fleet by 8.7%, services have been rerouted to clear the build-up of empty containers, and CMA CGM is offering customers alternative solutions that use other types of containers to meet their needs.
Ed Aldridge, President of CMA CGM America and APL North America, said: “As the nation’s top ocean freight carrier, we are always looking for new ways to provide our customers with differentiated services, fast transit times and efficient access to their inland destinations. We believe calling Oakland first from Asia will help meet market demand while also providing some relief to the congestion at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. CMA CGM looks forward to partnering with the Ports of Oakland and Seattle to increase the flow of shipments while continuing to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.” 

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    Vessel D-Date A-Date Agent
    Cma Cgm Palais Royal 03/03 04/04 CMA CGM Korea
    Ever Brace 03/05 04/15 Evergreen
    Hmm Helsinki 03/07 04/15 ONE KOREA

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    Vessel D-Date A-Date Agent
    Clifford Maersk 03/01 03/05 Hamburg Sud Korea
    Seamax Westport 03/01 03/19 CMA CGM Korea
    Clifford Maersk 03/04 03/20 MAERSK LINE

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    Vessel D-Date A-Date Agent
    Hongkong Bridge 03/02 03/14 Sinokor
    Posen 03/03 03/16 Sinokor
    Posen 03/03 03/16 CK Line

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    Vessel D-Date A-Date Agent
    Als Clivia 03/04 04/01 Interasia Lines Korea
    Ym Moderation 03/05 03/22 ONE KOREA
    Wan Hai 302 03/06 03/24 Wan hai

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    Vessel D-Date A-Date Agent
    Contship Fox 03/03 03/07 KMTC
    Sinar Bangka 03/04 03/09 KMTC
    Millennium Bright 03/04 03/13 T.S. Line Ltd
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